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The topic of the confederate Flag!

Well, I have yet to weigh in on the topic because of what has been posted by those I know and love.
My opinion is so different than those around me and I find it impossible to stay quiet any longer.
When I see the Confederate Flag I feel warm it reminds me of The Dukes and the strong bond the family had.
It also make me think of the south not the racist part but the moonshine and mud bogging part. I also do not think that
the sight of this flag can make a person shoot people. That person is consumed by
pure evil and even without the Confederate Flag, crazies will still exist in
this world. People like this are what the devil looks like. That being said I
am not part of the African American culture and if this Flag makes them feel
hurt, sadness, or reminds them of what was once a sad part of our American
history then why don't we put it there. Make this Confederate Flag take its
place in history. Put it in The Smithsonian with other parts of our history. We
should never forget were we came from so we cannot make the same mistakes.
These Americans that are African American deserve to not be reminded of the
horror that their history endured for too long. As a country we should only fly
one flag the American Flag!

There will always be crazy people that do things that the American people will
not understand. But, does that mean we should take down the flag? NO. But if it
hurts our fellow Americans, yes the African Americans, if it causes them any
type of anguish then yes as I am part of that race... The human Race I think it
should be put in history so we can together as Humans move forward. We are all
the same race The Human Race and one country The United States and how can we
be united if we still cling to a world that has long passed by. I love all my
family and friends but I am so sad to see that people cannot see that we need
to do this. Put the Flag away in our history Put it in the Smithsonian put it
in our history books but please don't fly this flag. Let it go. It does not have
a place in the present. It belongs in the past. Please feel free to share my
opinion as maybe I can reach someone who does not see the bigger picture. It is
not about you and your rights you need to take a look past yourself and look
towards others and remember God would never want you to hurt others knowingly.
Let's stand together as one race, the Human Race.