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College @ 37......

I cant seem to get enough of this education thing... I love learning something
new everyday, its makes me feel so alive. I am noticing the world in a
whole different light. When I see a beautiful building I no longer just thinks
it pretty. I think about all the engineers who took an idea and turned it into
reality. I have always told my kids and any other child I could get to
listen. "Find what ever you love most in this world and figure out how you can make money doing it.. "

My son has been filling his pockets with rocks since before he could walk. He is always
picking them up and inspecting them so I have started to introduce him to
different professions were he could get his hands in the dirt inspecting rocks
and getting paid to do it. Well my engineering book for my Eng1000 says the same thing it was so weird. Then it went on to discuss how important
it was to pick the field of engineering you do based on your interest rather
than money. I couldn't agree more and then it hit me I want to get my
mechanical Engineering specializing in green energy and sustainability. I used
to pick up litter in parking lots. The trash and cigarette butts have drove me
crazy for over 20 years now. I never could understand how people could treat
our planet with such disrespect. Now I am going to school to become an engineer
for the auto industry and BAM.... I could get paid to be an environmentalist.
This process is changing who I am and I love it!!! TTFN~pls