Darkness in the Sunshine

I find myself swirling inside my head today.. The emptiness I feel in my gut is almost unbearable. After a lifetime of love, laughter, anger, sadness, happiness, good times, bad times, broke as fuck times, and raking in the cash times, there will be no more times..... The life I knew yesterday is no longer that of today.

The topic of the confederate Flag!

Well, I have yet to weigh in on the topic because of what has been posted by those I know and love.
My opinion is so different than those around me and I find it impossible to stay quiet any longer.
When I see the Confederate Flag I feel warm it reminds me of The Dukes and the strong bond the family had.
It also make me think of the south not the racist part but the moonshine and mud bogging part. I also do not think that
the sight of this flag can make a person shoot people. That person is consumed by

College @ 37......

I cant seem to get enough of this education thing... I love learning something
new everyday, its makes me feel so alive. I am noticing the world in a
whole different light. When I see a beautiful building I no longer just thinks
it pretty. I think about all the engineers who took an idea and turned it into
reality. I have always told my kids and any other child I could get to
listen. "Find what ever you love most in this world and figure out how you can make money doing it.. "

Cheap or Green?

Ok, so I have to send in field trip money to school. I grab an open bill pull out the return envelope and my husband says "Your not going to use that are you?" I replied "yes I always do that. " He says "that's ghetto "...Ok so is it? Am I cheap? Maybe, But also think why throw it away? it just
doesn't make sense to me to take a perfectly good envelope
and recycle it and buy envelopes that are prettier. They both serve
the same purpose, you put something in it someone rips it open and throws it

My in-law dreams

So today at dinner I am asked by my son "mom if you come on my field trip could
you not embaress me please?"

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